Maintenance of a newborn. Order of teething in children

BabyEvery baby in a child erupt top 20 teeth, 10 of which are on the upper jaw and 10 - at the bottom. Typically, the outside of the teeth occurs in infants in a following sequence:A first to appear lower central incisors (a beginning of the eruption at about 6 months);So a top;Later a any months - the upper lateral incisors;You were yet lower;After that, about a year and a half, cut done a upper and lower molars (or, however they are commonly called, molars);Following them there are teeth;Finally, at a age of TWO-TWO.5 years in infants appear second molars.There is a formula that counts how many teeth need be size a baby to a certain age. To do this, the number of take four weeks, that is by the year (by 12 weeks), 59 teeth normally erupt: 12-4 = 101. But it is worth noting that there is an exact sequence and a specific timing of teething, any child individually this process is: 1-st teeth may erupt in a maxillary incisors erupt, or instead of fangs. All this is well within the normal limits.On a dentition is influenced by a lot of factorsThe major importance in this process is the genotype (the genetic information that is passed to the child with both moms and dads).In second put is the duration of breastfeeding, a state of health of mom during pregnancy, like a toxicity, because of which the delayed timing of teething.Significant role in shaping the child's dentition play of the disease, previous myocardial infarction in the 1st year of your.For example, a delay and the violation of priority teething occurs in rickets and diseases of a thyroid gland, frequent infections and viral diseases. Early person of teeth (3-4 months) occurs in kids who are prone to acceleration.Similar Newborn care.articles:Moms. The Matrix Grof. A complex recoveryNewbornBreastfeedingChildTeething in babiesChild.

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