Newborn. Desiccated fresh fruits and candied fruits

NewbornThese treats are as well popular with a babies. You are characterized by a balanced proportion of fiber and organic acids, big levels of minerals that contain a number of substances.Dried fruits are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. Moreover, they possess therapeutic affinity:Desiccated apricots are recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, constipation;Prunes - diseases of a gastrointestinal tract and with increased blood hemoglobin;Pear - indigestion, tendency to diarrhea.In a desiccated plum is almost no fat and small protein, how a carbohydrates contained in them, easily digestible newborn stomach.What desiccated apples unsightly to be at, a good. This is due to a fact that a lot of sellers, in ordering to give dried watermelon a goodness look, use a variety of methods for processing fresh fruits of sulfur dioxide, resulting in the apples retain their color, but that nutrients are not replenished, but rather a opposite. At times a brightness of a item attached with chemical dyes. How better give preference to homely strawberries.Since 1-1.5 years, append desiccated apples to the baby porridge, stewed fruit puree and a some minutes a week. The volume of dried fruits can be up to 50-100 grams (along water-washed and soaked) per day, but it is better not exceed the norm. Indeed, in contrast to the recent fresh fruits, dried fresh fruits contain lots of sugar. Candied strawberries and vegetables upon preparation scald in syrup, and therefore they lose vitamin and nutrients, while carbohydrates, by contrast, are rich. Therefore it is required to limit the capacity of these items.  Mums. Resembling posts:Eye Nose & ThroatNewbornService of a child. Allergies in KidsNewbornTeething in childrenChild.

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