Newborn care. What to do?

NewbornTo lie down does not get a torture for adults, strive to give any structure to the process - with a psychological characteristics and needs of a child.Each mum may tell how her 2 year old child with a fun play demandes persistence of some words and actions. For example, it is indispensable to kiss him three minutes, and at 1st the forehead, so on both cheeks, before a dip in the lavatory to put a rubber Pups, and then - of a child, put the cereal in the like familiar plateful.Parents are surprised insistence baby to read at night a same story. The kid with the following closely a text reproduced in full, with no omissions and substitutions of words.Why? At an early age, the baby learns a huge capacity of knowledge, a development of it is incredibly firmly. Babies's conservatism - a flip position of this process, a baby of protective reaction of a psyche from the variety of experiences. Dynamic world need get approximately child of robust performance, a fixed mark.Babe fills her life to make their own rituals. Every baby has a unique establish of rituals. But almost all the infants are trying to do the ritual character of his sleep. If you let items drift, drive back and forth earlier going to bed my mother (or nanny) and capricious - it may get a ritual for a baby, and a struggle with this habit will be painful. It is consummate to bring in a reasonable order of a process and substance.  Resembling posts:Care of a child. Child 66 monthsChildMums. Meal allergies in infantsNewbornNewborn. Fall hair of the childbirthChild.

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