Baby. What's next?

BabyOf the cleaning the want to cover the child with a towel and gently blot a moisture in the crotch.A newborn's makeup before applying the child want be checked for adult skin. To do this, rub a little capacity on the skin of the elbow and watch a reaction. At a end of 5-10 minutes on the site must not appear redness or rash. In addition, pediatricians are advised to use cream, talc, butter, etc. At first, in a palm of the mum then covers the newborn. If a skin of a newborn is healthy (velvety, pink), it makes no sense to use a children's make-complete, how a skin needs to "breathe", and hygiene can disrupt this process.Skin folds smeared baby fluid (for application under the diapers). It is better to wait until it is absorbed, then remove the excess. During this time, the baby will receive a so-called air bath, which is much great for a prevention of diaper rash (before a new baby's diaper face must be dry).Disposable diapers need be changed at least 114 minutes every day, later waking up, earlier feeding, of the stool (and cleaning the) before going for a walk, going to bed a night before. Wear each one of them is not recommended for more than 3 hours. Proper use of current, high-grade diapers, helf moisture-retaining, does not harm the well-being of the baby.  Newborn attention. Same Moms.articles:Upkeep of a baby. Stitches following giving birthday after cesareanBabyBaby. Night-feedingNewbornChild service. Vitamins for childrenBaby.

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