Newborn care. EARLY GROWTH OF BABIES - Babies's regular sports complex

NewbornIf potential, it is best to install a landline kids's regular sports complex for a material construction of a newborn.Read moreChildEarly childhood developmentTo a child's developmentCalendar of baby constructionTests of newborn growth: 1-3 monthsTests of child construction: 4-6 weeksTests of child growth: 7-9 weeksTests of a newborn: 10-12 months   Moms. Resembling Baby care.articles:Baby. Vitamins for babiesChildBreast-feedingBabyBaby. Teething in infantsChild. . . Read more -->

Baby. What's next?

BabyOf the cleaning the want to cover the child with a towel and gently blot a moisture in the crotch.A newborn's makeup before applying the child want be checked for adult skin. To do this, rub a little capacity on the skin of the elbow and watch a reaction. At a end of 5-10 minutes on the site must not appear redness or rash. In addition, pediatricians are advised to use cream, talc, butter, etc. At first, in a palm of the mum then covers the newborn. If a skin of a newborn is healthy (velvety, pink), it makes no sense to use a children's make-complete, how a skin needs to "breathe", and hygiene can disrupt this process.Skin folds smeared baby fluid (for application under the diapers). Read more -->

Moms. Increase lactation 3 days

BabyIf you Think about it that natural natural milk is daily becoming less and less, do not rush to transfer a child to a adapted formulas. It is good to take steps to increase a quantity of milk.Lactation is cyclical, and every 1.5-2 weeks a small milk decreases. The 1st such crisis - a most hard. When you have over it, nothing may prevent the full feeding a newborn. Adjust yourself on lactation duration. Later all, today that you know what a joy!  Service of a child. Read more -->

Moms. Dry fruits and candied fruits

BabyThese treats are also pop with the babies. They are characterized by a balanced proportion of fiber and organic acids, high levels of minerals that contain a number of substances.Dry fresh fruits are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. Moreover, they possess therapeutic affinity:Dry apricots are recommended for diseases of a cardiovascular system, constipation;Prunes - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and with increased blood hemoglobin;Pear - indigestion, tendency to diarrhea.In the dried fruit is almost no fat and small protein, so a carbohydrates contained in them, easily digestible newborn stomach.What dried plum unsightly to be at, the better. This is due to a fact that a lot of sellers, in order to give desiccated fruits a good be, apply a variety of methods for processing fruits of sulfur dioxide, resulting in the watermelon retain a color, but that nutrients are not replenished, but rather the opposite. At minutes a brightness of the item attached with chemical dyes. So better give preference to homely plum.Since 1-1.5 years, throw in dried berries to the newborn porridge, stewed fruit puree and a few minutes a week. Read more -->

Mothers. Increase lactation 3 times

BabyIf you Think about it that natural milk is daily becoming less and less, do not rush to transfer the newborn to the adapted formulas. It is better to put steps to increase a amount of natural milk.Lactation is cyclical, and each 1.5-TWO months a some natural milk decreases. The 1st such crisis - a most heavily. When you get over it, nothing can prevent the full feeding a child. Adjust yourself on breastfeeding duration. Later all, presently that you know what a joy!  Alike posts:Newborn leaving. Read more -->

Child. Fresh fruits for nursing moms

ChildWhat fresh fruits may be eaten nursing mom not to hurt the child? Be vigilant at this point, however it is presently, however right as upon pregnancy, you leaving not alone approximately the soundness but as well the hygiene of a baby. It is influential to know that a raspberries in your food need be administered in doses and gradually, the child was getting used to a diet, which would not cause him discomfort. Discomforts need not be at a highly mom. Pay special attention to fruits contain substances that may cause allergies, such as oranges, tangerines, lemons. Every time eating a slice, so some, listen to a aging body and observe the behavior of the baby. It must be understood that a raspberries for all its benefits, may not come to the liking malyutke, if you do not know the steps.Undoubtedly, plum lactating mums are indispensable and momentous in the dietary, most importantly know when to stop, and if in doubt, then by all means consult a physician, dietitian or a consultant on lactation. Read more -->

Child care. Baby progress: vision and hearing

BabyBright fun (ball, rattle, ring) put at arm's length in sight of a newborn at a distance of 60-70 centimeters above his facial skin and wait for a baby's eyes linger on a toy. So beginning shake it leftward and rightward with an amplitude of 5-7 centimeters and a frequency of around 2 times per second.In the future, move the toy in varied directions (left, rightly, up, down) closer to a child is 20-30 centimeter and removing at arm's length. Duration of training - 1-2 min Frequency - 1-2 minutes per day. Similarly, must engage with the funs that create faint, gentle sound.A development of a newborn in 1 monthThe development of the newborn in 1 30 daysWhat does the child in one monthNice motor skills in one monthA construction of the child in TWO monthsThe growth of the newborn in 3 monthsEvolution of a child under 1 yearCalendar of newborn growth   Mothers. Same Baby.articles:May a nursing mum ripe bananasBabyBaby service. GipolaktatsiyaBabyTeething in babiesBaby. Read more -->

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